Sant Antoni de Portmany: a good place to stay in Ibiza but with an english atmosphere

Second beach destination of Ibiza, Sant Antoni de Portmany is located west of the island about 25 minutes from Eivissa. Mostly frequented by the English, it is here that the hotel offer is the largest on the island and reasonably priced. An interesting starting point for discovering the island but without real charm (just buildings for tourists).

Sant Antoni in Ibiza from the sea

Sant Antoni sea front

Sant Antoni de Portmany: a lively English destination

Lively in Sant Antoni - Ibiza

The lively San Antoni with many nightclubs

Sant Antoni is known to be a lively destination. Near the port, the Santa Agnes Street is the meeting point of the English youth. Pubs, clubs, striptease bars ... where alcohol flows freely and where it is not uncommon to see some fights erupt late at night ... but the police are more and more present ... Ibiza does not want to have its Magaluf (Island of Majorca).

Outside this area, the atmosphere is more relaxed and more classic.

From Cala des Moro to the port of Sant Antoni

But Sant Antoni has some advantages ... this is where you can observe the most beautiful sunsets of the island (at least in urban areas because there are some gorgeous places like Punta Galera, sublime when you are in a boat).

Sunset in Sant Antoni - Ibiza

Sunset in Sant Antoni

From Cala des Moro to the port of Sant Antoni, there is a pleasant pedestrian promenade with beautiful terraces of bars and restaurants allowing you to enjoy this show. Regrettably the business side takes over in the numerous establishments (placing you in relation to your expenses ... for a first line, you must spend at least € 50 in some place). On this side of Sant Antoni, the coast is rocky but you can find comfortable and free places.

Along the promenade in Sant Antoni in the evening - Ibiza

In the evening, along the promenade, bars turn into open-air discos

Sant Antoni beaches

Beautiful cove in Sant Antonio - Ibiza

Unspoilt cove north of Sant Antoni - Cala Gracioneta

Outside the lively areas, Ibiza is known for its beautiful beaches. Sant Antoni de Portmany is lucky that way ... The Arenal Beach is the most central and the busiest. The atmosphere is family orientated, you can almost forget that you are in Ibiza. For a more authentic and preserved side, go towards Cala Gracio or Cala Gracioneta, both hidden in small enclaves in the middle of a pine forest.

Around Sant Antoni

Provided you have a car, Sant Antoni is in an interesting position to discover the island. In the south, there are many beaches near Sant Josep de sa Talaia which has the largest coastline of Ibiza. Comte Beach is one of the favourite and Cala Bassa Beach is also well known (it has a campsite nearby) but it has become very commercial.

Cala Comte - Ibiza

Cala Compte: a fabulous spot

In the northwest, the coast quickly becomes rocky with high cliffs preventing access to the sea. The area is less touristy with some authentic villages (but no real centre, only properties) as in Santa Agnes.

church of Santa Agnès in Ibiza

Santa Agnes: a church and a few houses

North of Sant Antoni in Ibiza - spain

North of Sant Antoni: the unspoilt side of Ibiza

Vineyards in Ibiza

Vineyards around Santa Agnes

Then back to the tourist activity with Port de Sant Miquel or the pleasant resort of Portinatx.

To the east, Eivissa is a favourite destination with its many nightclubs known worldwide. Its old town is remarkable and is one of the most interesting of Ibiza. This is also the boarding point for the island of Formentera, real gem of Ibiza.

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