Magaluf: Sea, Sex and Alcohol

A resort of the Spanish Balearic Islands, Magaluf is located on the Island of Majorca and 20km from Palma. Clear water, fine sand, blue sky, a 1600 meter-long beach... and bottles of alcohol as far as the eye can see...

If you've heard of it before, it's probably from the "Miscellaneous News" section of newspapers and tabloid press, as this city's reputation is well established. Known for organizing "low cost" vacations synonymous with sex, strip-tease and alcohol, Magaluf is the favourite summer destination of young party-goers, mostly Anglo-Saxon (85% British or Irish). In fact, everything is indicated in English there.

Busy street of Magaluf in Majorca in the summer evening

The main street of Magaluf in the summer evening

Young man in Magaluf drunk

End of evenings are hard...

Dancer in a bar in Magaluf during the day

Dancers start to animate the entrances of bars from early afternoon

Busy street of Magaluf during the day

The animated avenue of Magaluf is totally deserted at the beginning of the afternoon... normal, everyone is on the beach at this time

Magaluf, dubbed the "new Ibiza", the new ultimate debauchery destination?

Hard to argue otherwise, as Punta Ballena - a 500 meter street lined with clubs, bars and English pubs - seems to be the must-visit spot for experts in binge drinking and sex. Needless to say, the spectacle in the early morning is not a pretty sight... Those who have been there all agree! On the neighboring island of Ibiza, Sant Antoni de Portmany also has a strong reputation, but it's impossible to compare it to Magaluf as the gap is significant...

Budget hotel in the heart of Magaluf

A budget hotel in the heart of Magaluf's action... impossible to sleep at night...

Hotel on the beachfront of Magaluf

A beachfront hotel... a stone's throw from the bustling center but the rates are entirely different!

Alcohol flows freely from morning till night. You can buy a liter of cocktail for 2.50 euros, get tattooed in the middle of the night. No limits... From the club tour organized by an animator - including unlimited drinks (boozy excursions) and naughty games - to party cruises on catamarans with DJ, open bars and prostitutes, everything is designed to party until you vomit and all excesses are allowed.

Restaurant by the sea in Magaluf

International cuisine, pancake... a low-cost restaurant

Evidence once again that it is the temple of nightlife, Magaluf has the largest nightclub in Europe, "BCM Planet Dance", which can accommodate up to 5000 people. Renowned worldwide for the presence of international artists, it is known for its giant foam or popcorn parties.

Seaside of Magaluf with its hotels

The seafront of Magaluf... devoid of charm...

Yet, in recent years, measures have been taken and penalties imposed by the municipality as scandals are numerous, in order to limit alcohol and sex tourism: closure of establishments, fines, banning of "balconing" (jumping from your hotel room into the pool), expulsion of aggressive people. A curfew has even been implemented, prohibiting anyone from drinking alcohol in the streets from 10 pm to 8 am... without much success so far, this region being heavily dependent on tourism... and during our visit in the summer of 2016, Magaluf had not changed and the curfew was not applied...